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    Precious vs Semi-Precious Stones, What do they mean

    Precious VS Semi-Precious Stones: What Do They Mean?

    If you own a gemstone-bearing piece of jewelry, you probably regard it as precious. You may have spent a fortune on it and might even have some attachment to it. But that’s not the case in the market and the world. Some gemstones are precious, and others are semi-precious. But how can we tell precious vs. semi-precious stones? This article will help you learn the difference.

    What are precious stones?

    Precious stones are gemstones placed in high regard for their rarity, value, and quality. Only four gemstones are classified as precious. They are emeraldsrubiessapphires, and diamonds. Every other gemstone is recognized as semi-precious.

    What are semi-precious stones?

    Any other gemstone that isn’t a precious stone is a semi-precious stone. But despite the “semi-precious” classification, these stones are gorgeous and look stunning in jewelry.

    Precious vs Semi-Precious Stones, What do they mean01 (3)
    Precious vs Semi-Precious Stones, What do they mean01 (2)
    Precious vs Semi-Precious Stones, What do they mean01 (1)

    Here are some great examples of semi-precious stones.

    ● Amethyst

    ● Lapis lazuli

    ● Turquoise

    ● Spinel

    ● Agate

    ● Peridot

    ● Garnet

    ● Pearls

    ● Opals

    ● Jade

    ● Zircon

    ● Moonstone

    ● Rose quartz

    ● Tanzanite

    ● Tourmaline

    ● Aquamarine

    ● Alexandrite

    ● Onyx

    ● Amazonite

    ● Kyanite

    Many precious and semi-precious gemstones are formed miles beneath the earth’s surface. Miners find them among either igneous, sedimentary, or metamorphic rock.

    Here’s a table with the precious gemstones and their places of origin.

    Precious Gemstone Origin
    Diamonds Found in kimberlite pipes in Australia, Botswana, Brazil, Congo, South Africa, Russia, and China.
    Rubies and Sapphires Found among alkaline basaltic rock or metamorphic rocks in Sri Lanka, India, Madagascar, Myanmar, and Mozambique.
    Emeralds Mined among sedimentary deposits in Colombia and among igneous rock in Zambia, Brazil, and Mexico.

    Check out this table to view the origins of popular semi-precious stones.

    Semi-precious gemstone Origin
    Quartz (amethyst, rose quartz, citrine, and so on) Found with igneous rock in China, Russia, and Japan. Amethyst is majorly found in Zambia and Brazil.
    Peridot Mined from volcanic rock in China, Myanmar, Tanzania, and the United States.
    Opal Formed from silicon dioxide solution and mined in Brazil, Honduras, Mexico, and the United States.
    Agate Found in Oregon, Idaho, Washington, and Montana in the US within volcanic rock.
    Spinel Mined among metamorphic rock in Myanmar and Sri Lanka.
    Garnet Common in metamorphic rock with few occurrences in igneous rock. Mined in Brazil, India, and Thailand.
    Jade Found in Myanmar and Guatemala among metamorphic rock.
    Jasper A sedimentary rock mined in India, Egypt, and Madagascar.

    Gemstones are all made up of minerals and various elements. The different geologic processes give them the beautiful form we’ve come to love and admire.

    Here is a table with different gemstones and their composition elements.

    Gemstone Composition
    Diamond Carbon
    Sapphire Corundum (aluminum oxide) with iron and titanium impurities
    Ruby Corundum with chromium impurities
    Emerald Beryl (beryllium aluminum silicates)
    Quartz (amethysts and rose quartz) Silica (silicone dioxide)
    Opal Hydrated silica
    Topaz Aluminum silicate which contains fluorine
    Lapis lazuli Lazurite (a complex blue mineral), pyrite (an iron sulfide), and calcite (calcium carbonate)
    Aquamarine, Morganite, Pezzottaite Beryl
    Pearl Calcium carbonate
    Tanzanite Mineral zoisite (calcium aluminum hydroxyl sorosilicate)
    Garnet Complex silicates
    Turquoise Phosphate mineral with copper and aluminum
    Onyx Silica
    Jade Nephrite and jadeite

    What are the most popular gemstones?
    The four precious stones are the most popular gemstones. Many people know about diamonds, rubies, sapphires, and emeralds. And for good reasons! These gemstones are rare and look stunning when cut, polished, and set on jewelry.

    The birthstones are the next set of popular gemstones. People believe you can get good luck by wearing the birthstone for your month.