Why Brass Jewelry Popular and Fashionable?

Brass Jewelry – A Fashionable Alternative to Gold
Jewelry styles using this surprising choice of metals range from delicate to chunky, from vintage to modern. Whether you’re in to steam punk fashion or are looking for something a bit more delicate, brass may be just what you’ve been looking for. Brass jewelry ranges from large, dramatic bangles and rings to dainty beaded earrings – no matter your fashion style, there’s likely a brass design to suit you.

Brass Jewelry– The Nu Gold Standard
Brass is an alloy of copper and zinc, and has long been prized for it’s artistic appeal. Jewelry artisans are now turning to red brass or Nu Gold as a design medium, and the result is both beautiful and amazing. Brass is as flexible as gold or silver, and can be worked and shaped into nearly any design. It can be left with a matte finish or buffed to a glossy shine; this flexibility makes it a popular material for designers to work with.

Attention Getting Brass Jewelry
Brass jewelry is not for the faint of heart; chances are, if you’re wearing it, you’ll get attention. Most brass jewelry designs are both beautiful and unique. The sheen of brass is sure to draw attention to your accessories from those who are fashion conscious; after all, it’s clearly not gold or silver. If you like to turn heads and be on top of the newest and hottest fashion trends, brass is clearly your metal of choice.
Brass jewelry offers a unique appeal with a break from the traditional styles we’re used to seeing. If you want to shake things up this season, consider accessorizing with brass. This metal offers an antique shine for nearly any outfit, and the design options are virtually limitless. 

Everybody buy Brass jewelry – traditional jewelry 
Brass Jewelry, with bright color appearance, it had been a lot of people praise from ancient times to the present. Brass jewelry includes necklace, rings, bracelet, etc; all of them are with fine workmanship and elegant appearance. 
 Because the use of brass is early and cheaper than other precious  metals such as gold or silver, so the cheap brass jewelry is also one of  the most widely jewelry loved by the common citizens in the early  ancient time. Today, brass jewelry is also very popular in some places; it passed on from generation to generation and become a classical and traditional jewelry. Even in some ethnic groups, the tradition of wearing brass jewelry is as one of their national tradition. 
 Brass is one of the first metals to discover by human beings. Before thousands years, human began to use brass. This also made brass jewelry as one of the earliest jewelry that people worn in history. 

 Most of the Brass Jewelry that people of the modern society wear is actually alloy jewelry. This kind of brass is an alloy that made of copper and zinc. The brass which is made of copper and zinc is called common brass. If the brass is a several alloy that consisting of two or  more elements, for example the copper alloy which made of lead, tin,  manganese, nickel, iron, silicon, is called special brass.  Brass has good wear poof ability. 
 Compared with other metal, cheap is the greatest strength of brass, and has good pliability and ductility, and is easy to work. Brass jewelry also has drawback, like it is easy oxidation and changing color and many people will allergic to brass. 
 Because of its good ductibility, and be easy to work, brass is often used to make cheap jewelry, even some new concept fashion jewelry also use the low cost brass. After treated by polishing which is to anti-oxidation, brass jewelry can get beautiful color. 
 After treated by polishing, the appearance of brass jewelry is similar to gold jewelry, some lawless person often palm off the brass  jewelry as gold jewelry, in fact, it’s not difficult to identify brass  jewelry and gold jewelry. Because the proportion of brass is less than gold, in the same size conditions, gold jewelry is heavier than brass jewelry, and its color is more yellow, brass jewelry’s color appears redder. 

 There is one main drawback to Brass jewelry; it’s easy to oxidation and change color. To prevent oxidation, it’s best to avoid contact with the water, and galvanize or daub a layer of isolation. 
 If the brass jewelry becomes oxidized, the best way to clean it is to send it to a professional jewelry store. The simplest way is to wipe it with cloth which dips a little toothpaste, it better to use a polishing compound substitute for toothpaste. Finally, coat with a nail polish on the treated brass jewelry, make it isolated from air to prevent oxidized and change color again. 

 Ordinary consumers criticize brass jewelry for it makes people's skin allergic, and an excess of copper entered the human’s body can cause harm to human’s body. 

 But there’s another opinion in medical community, some medical specialists regard that wearing brass jewelry can prevent arthritis and help improve the skin. Even have medical journals expound the science which of wearing brass jewelry can prevent arthritis by professional papers. 

 Brass jewelry is harmful or healthful to human’s body,.

however, it still needs more authoritative scientific evidence to judge, but one thing we  can assure that, in the development of human civilization brass jewelry  used to be one of the most popular jewelry in the past thousands of  years.

A Popular Choice among Teenagers – Exquisite Brass Jewelry

The need to adorn the body dates back to pre historic times and is perhaps the second most essential indulgence ever made by man, the first being procreation. Through the ages, there have been many materials used to make jewelry. 
The shells from the river beds and beaches, the seasonal flowers, colored stones and beads found naturally and the different metals found embedded in the womb of the planet have all been sued to make exquisite jewelry. Even as our concept of exquisite has changed in time, our need to decorate the body remains the same. The various metals that have been used and are still in use to make jewelry include gold, brass, silver etc. 
Exquisite brass jewelry has been excavated a number of times from the ruins and remains of the ancient world. The malleability and versatility of the metal makes it an all time favorite within the industry. Brass is essentially an alloy. It is a mixture of copper and zinc and is in the proportion of two thirds portion of copper to one third portion of zinc. 
However, this alloy is also associated with certain allergic reactions like rash and swelling in the areas exposed to the jewelry. Exquisite brass rings, earrings, chains, necklaces, bracelets and bangles are popular all over the world and now the new trend to sport bling has revived the sued of the metal in jewelry making because of the affordability associated with it. 

There is a dedicated market that caters to the demand for exquisite brass jewelry and the maintenance of the same. The metal is much cheaper in comparison to gold and silver and hence it is a popular choice by youngsters all over the world who love to sport bling jewelry. The metal, with its near gold look, makes it a favorite within different cultures. 
In case of an allergy to brass, it is advisable to take medical help. There are a number of transparent gels and creams that are now marketed that enable you to flaunt the jewelry in spite of the allergy. All you have to do is coat the area that will be exposed to the brass jewelry and then wear the pieces for as long as you want! 

Looking after brass jewelry pieces is relatively very easy. There are a number of ready made and easy to use solutions available in the market. The popular polishes to make your brass jewelry shine basically coat the metal with a very thin layer of oil that not only adds to the luster, but also protects the brass jewelry from tarnish. 
The coating of oil also protects the brass jewelry pieces from air which is the natural cause for tarnish. The polishes readily available in the market today to clean brass jewelry also contain special solvents and detergents to remove tarnish and polish the metal. However, while the use of these ready made and very handy polishes makes the maintenance of the brass jewelry easy, remember that brass can turn black with misuse or over use!
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