How to Clean Brass jewelry?

May. 20,2017

How to Clean Brass jewelry?

Brass jewelry can be in the form of accessories to transform a simple dress into an elegant one. However, like any other forms of metal, it can also get dirty and greasy. Proper cleaning should be one of your major tasks if you want to prolong its life and its classy appearance.

Cleaning Brass Jewelry is quite easy and only takes small period of time. You can also use natural alternatives to maintain its fascinating look.

The things that you will need in cleaning Brass Jewelry are cotton cloth, soft bristle brush, water, vinegar, liquid soap and water.

Below are the steps in cleaning brass:

1.Gather the necessary materials. Get your brass jewelries and wash it with hot water. Hot water can easily remove dirt particles. If the jewelries are still dirty, use a cleaning solution.

2.Get your bowl and pour hot water inside. Be extra careful not to burn your hands. Add liquid detergent into your bowl and stir properly.

3.Place your brass jewelries inside the bowl with your soapy solution. Soak for 5 to 10 minutes. This helps loosen dirt particles that adheres the jewelry. 4.After soaking, get a cotton cloth and scrub the jewelries piece by piece. Pay particular attention to the edges. You can also use a soft bristle brush as this can properly remove dirt particles.

5.Continue brushing the jewelries until you achieve the desired shine.

6.After making sure that the jewelries are totally clean, wipe the piece with a clean cotton cloth.

7.Allow it to dry for half an hour or until completely dry.

8.Place the pieces back to your jewelry box.

There are several natural cleaners that work best at home. They are safe to use and saves a lot of money. You can use white vinegar + water, lemon juice + water, salt + water, ketchup and toothpaste as a cleaning solution. You can also utilize your old toothbrush in scrubbing your brass jewelries. Avoid using harsh chemicals as this can permanently damage your jewelries. Ammonia solutions are also hazardous. Make sure to read the content of your cleaning solutions first before using.

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